Best gaming chairs

Whether you’re a casual player or a professional streamer, the best gaming chair is a crucial part of your experience. They get you in the zone, these chairs offer comfort, ergonomics, and style that is impossible to replicate with standard office chairs. Designed for all-day gaming sessions, but also easy to climb in and out of, these are the best options from Amazon to transform your gaming experience.

Best choice
Razer Iskur Gaming Chair: Ergonomic Lumbar Support System - Multi-Layered Synthetic Leather - High Density Foam Cushions -...
Razer Iskur Gaming Chair: Ergonomic Lumbar Support System – Multi-Layered Synthetic Leather – High Density Foam Cushions – Engineered to Carry – Memory Foam Head Cushion – Black/Green
by Razer
$499.00 FREE Shipping
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Helps to maintain good posture
This option delivers everything a passionate gamer could want from a chair and makes sitting straight easier than ever to help you maintain your focus during long missions and streaming activities.

If you’re looking for a product that feels like it has been designed specifically for you, look no further, as this one offers all the essential features and goes even further for assured satisfaction that will make you never want to leave.Pros:

  • The multi-layered synthetic leather offers durability and comfort and ensures less wear and tear.
  • Its ergonomic lumbar support system reduces pressure on the lower back to help maintain focus and make all-day gaming easier.
  • The 4D armrests are infinitely adjustable, allowing forward, backward, and side-to-side movement to suit the way you sit.


  • It does not recline as much as other options, which reduces its versatility as a regular chair.
  • The chair is a little heavy, which could make assembly less straightforward than it first appears.
CORSAIR T3 Rush Gaming Chair Comfort Design, Gray/White
CORSAIR T3 Rush Gaming Chair Comfort Design, Gray/White
by Corsair
More choices from $470.24
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Draws inspiration from motor sport
This product is inspired by other activities that demand precision and concentration to ensure better support and dynamics, whether you’re working through slowly or speedrunning.

This multifunctional option is suitable for gamers while also doubling as a great accessory when working from home, giving you the best of both worlds with no hassle, and allowing you to switch effortlessly between two lives.Pros:

  • This gaming chair uses soft and breathable fabric that prevents overheating and helps you stay cool during intense moments.
  • The adjustable padded neck cushion allows you to find the perfect space, giving you remarkable customization.
  • The embedded steel frame runs up the back of the chair to provide stability and durability.


  • You cannot source replacement parts easily if you come across any flaws.
  • The armrests are more solid than we’d like, which does not allow for much comfort.
Cooler Master Caliber X1 Gaming Chair for Computer Game, Office and Racing Style Gamer, Comfy Ergonomic 360° Swivel Reclin...
Cooler Master Caliber X1 Gaming Chair for Computer Game, Office and Racing Style Gamer, Comfy Ergonomic 360° Swivel Reclining High Back Chairs with Armrest Backrest Headrest Lumbar Support PU Leather
by Cooler Master
$349.00 & FREE Shipping
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Total body support
From head-to-toe, this product delivers the comfortable boost you need, relieving pressure across all major points, which ensures you stay engaged while battling creatures or plotting your next move.

Tried and tested for experienced adult gamers, this may be the last product you’ll ever need, thanks to its immense quality, and user-friendly design.Pros:

  • This gaming chair has been designed with first-class comfort in mind, and every inch delivers dependable and supportive performance.
  • The Class 4 gas lift and high weight capacity ensure better stability than most options for your peace of mind.
  • Its fitted neck cushion relieves aches and pains, while the lumbar system uses an invisible elevator mechanism.


  • The hinge covers are not as durable as we’d like them to be, which exposes parts that affect the chair’s appearance.
  • It is not designed for kids or shorter adults, as they would not get the full range of stability and supportive benefits.
Honorable mention
Amazon Basics Ergonomic Gaming Chair with Bluetooth Speakers and Built-in Mic, Push-Button Height Control - Blue
Amazon Basics Ergonomic Gaming Chair with Bluetooth Speakers and Built-in Mic, Push-Button Height Control – Blue
by Amazon Basics
$215.24 FREE Shipping
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Modern features for better immersion
If you’ve ever wanted to feel you’re there in the action, this is the model for you. Its sound drops you in the middle of any environment, making the comfort and quality feel like a bonus.

We were repeatedly surprised by what this product offered, and rather than imitate a higher level option that slightly misses the mark, it proved time and again that it can – and will – compete with the more established gamer accessory brands.Pros:

  • The high back and perfectly plush contoured cushions ensure full-body support that reduces aches and pains.
  • The integrated Bluetooth audio will connect to existing devices and provide an immersive real-life experience that is difficult to match.
  • The durable construction and 275-pound weight capacity give you confidence in its durability and stability.


  • The audio is not as effective for phone calls, so your phone would be better for this.
  • The faux leather means it is not as breathable as mesh alternatives, which could be an issue in warmer environments.

Features To Look For In Gaming Chairs

Material – Like for regular office and computer chairs, there are three common cover materials you will find when purchasing a gaming chair. These are mesh, leather, and faux leather. Often, it is a subject of taste which you will choose. Leather and faux leather provide a classier or more professional look, but mesh covers are more breathable, which is ideal for maintaining concentration and comfort during mammoth gaming sessions.

You should also consider the cushion material. This is usually foam that provides welcome support for your back and shoulders, allowing you to sit down for a longer period of time. The cushion may contour to your body shape as time goes on, but it also may not, depending on the type of material used.

Adjustability – Adjustability is always a useful feature, especially when it comes to chairs. While you can find a chair that suits your body type and height, everyone is slightly different, meaning there is no such thing as a universal chair for everyone. This is where the adjustability features come in handy. It doesn’t matter if you’re a little shorter or a little taller than the chair’s baseline. You can raise or lower the seat to accommodate you better.

Other adjustable features should include the headrest for improved support, while the armrests can also offer better ergonomics and support for your arms and elbows while gaming. The broader the range of adjustability, the better, as this gives you more control over how the chair suits you.

Height – Picking the right height allows you to maintain good posture and also stay focused on the game. You need a chair that will lower (or raise) enough so you can place your feet flat on the floor or footrest under your gaming desk.

This is the optimal position for your posture, as it allows you to sit with a straight back and avoid pressure on your shoulders and lower back. You are less likely to lean over, which affects posture, and you can keep your screen at eye level. If your knees are too high up or your feet dangle, you will not achieve the perfect sitting position and end up crouched over or tempted to swing back and forth.

Durability – If you are going to use your gaming chair every day and for hours at a time, you need assured durability as you do not want your chair to break while you are sitting in it. There are several factors that ensure a durable product, from the cover material to the interior frame and weight capacity, while basic care and cleaning also help maintain a durable and dependable chair.

If you use your gaming chair for work as well as play, you may require something that offers exceptional durability, as you may sit in the chair for at least eight hours each day. Sturdy parts and dependable mechanisms, especially around the adjustable features, will ensure better durability, which is especially important because it’s tricky to source replacement parts.

Comfort – As you are going to sit in your chair for several hours at a time at least, you need it to be comfortable. While the chair might feel comfortable at first, it can soon cause problems, especially around your lower back. You need cushioned comfort as well as ergonomic designs that provide enough support to maintain your posture.

While it might seem impossible to keep this posture up throughout the day, the support, whether lumbar, shoulder, or neck and head, will make it second nature. Soon enough, you will not need to think about keeping your back straight. Instead, you can enjoy your game and maintain your focus, avoiding common posture issues like a sore back or even headaches. This comfort will enhance your performance, whether you’re playing online, against friends, or streaming for your subscribers.


Q: Are gaming chairs good for my posture?

A: One of the most common questions people ask about gaming chairs is whether they are good for their posture. In short, yes they are. This is especially true when you compare them to standard office chairs, even those with uniquely designed lumbar support backrests.

As very few people will play their games for an hour, or even less, gaming chairs need to provide ample support around the lower back, neck, shoulders, and head. This is where gaming chairs stand out from other computer chairs. They include a range of features and designs, including lumbar support, head, and neck cushions, and padded backrests that create less pressure on the gamer’s back.

These features encourage the player to sit up straight no matter how long they have been playing. As people are prone to slumping in a chair after sitting in it for a while, which can impact posture, gaming chairs avoid this by providing the best support possible.

Q: Does every gaming chair fit every body type?

A: Ideally, every gaming chair would be suitable for any height, weight, and body type. However, this is not the case. Instead, different chairs have unique designs for specific needs. This can include chairs for taller users, shorter users, heavier users, or even kids and adults.

Because of this, it’s important to select a gaming chair that suits your body type. A kid would not get the full benefits of the gaming chair in terms of comfort and support from an adult gaming chair, whereas a heavier gamer would struggle to get comfortable in a chair designed for lighter players, and vice versa.

While many chairs come with adjustable features to match your body and provide the most adequate support, you should still pay attention to the weight capacity and player recommendations. This will give you the best idea of which chair is designed for you.

Q: Should I consider my height when buying a gaming chair?

A: Just like buying clothes, your height should come into consideration when buying a gaming chair. All chairs come with adjustable features, whether this is the distance from the ground or the headrest, and this can play a significant part in the comfort and satisfaction you’ll get from your gaming chair.

You do not want a chair that sits too low to the ground, as this could bunch up your legs and affect your posture. Likewise, shorter gamers do not want their feet dangling from the chair, as this affects stability.

A tall backrest is also something to look for, as you need your shoulders to align close to the top of the backrest. If not, there will not be enough neck support, and the neck rest or cushion could dig into the middle of your back, causing discomfort.

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