COSORI Electric Kettle

UPGRADED DOUBLE-WALL DESIGN: Say goodbye to the traditional single-wall plastic kettle. The upgraded double-wall design with stainless steel inner and outer shell keeps water warm longer and makes the surface of the kettle body safe to touch
  • ENJOY CLEAN WATER: The seamless inner shell has no crevices for dirt to get trapped in. Every surface your water touches is crafted with food-grade 304 stainless steel instead of glass or plastic. Enjoy pure-tasting water for years to come
  • 2-LEVEL LID: Open the lid to 45° using the button to avoid hot water splashing or raise the lid to 80° for easy filling and cleaning
  • QUICK BOIL: Bring 6 cups / 1.5 liters of water to a rolling boil in 2.5 minutes and know exactly when your water is ready with a blue LED indicator that shuts off when it’s boiling
  • SAFE TO USE: The kettle automatically shuts off 30 seconds after your water comes to a rolling boil and has boil-dry protection that automatically turns off the kettle when no water is inside
  • PRECISION POUR: The wide, non-drip spout and stainless steel filter give you a steady, precise pour compared to a traditional kettle
  • EASY TO CLEAN: The kettle’s wide-mouth design makes it easy to fill and clean out the inside with vinegar or lemon juice
  • GIFT READY: Comes with an elegant gift box which is a perfect gift for tea/coffee lovers. (Such as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas)

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4.6  4.6
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4.6  4.6
Easy to clean
4.5  4.5
Temperature Control
4.5  4.5

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No Seams to Trap Limescale
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